Wil Wheaton and igrep

Popular writer, actor, and blog pioneer Wil Wheaton (http://www.wilwheaton.net) has been named spokesperson of a new search engine solely focused on web development and coding.   igrep (http://www.igrep.com) scours the articles on DevShed (http://www.devshed.com) and its other networked sites for results.

Check out the press release announcing the partnership here:


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AIM Privacy Uproar Highlights Blogging's Power
Over the past few days, news spread rapidly about changes to AOL Instant Messenger's Terms of Service with most people believing that their private IMs could be read and used in marketing by AOL.  It all started with a blog entry at Thrashing Through Cyberspace. I got word of the entry from a friend on IM on Sunday night, and by this afternoon, I heard it being talked about on a popular DC radio station. Just goes to show how fast a message can spread via blogging, and once again blogging being the catalyst for mainstream news.

Stowe Boyd has good coverage of how the actual story and AOL's response has developed over the past 24 hours at Get Real.
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Friendster Adds Blogging
Social networking service Friendster has been searching for a way to monetize its 8+ million members while keeping them more active.  Their new effort: blogging.  The company has partnered with another hot Silicon Valley start-up and blogging leader, Typepad, to offer blogs to their members.  ZDNet reports that the company will offer a free version with ads, and pay versions that are similar to the accounts you can get direct from Typepad.

The connection between blogging and so-called social networking has been obvious for a while. The goal of Friendster seems to be matchmaking, and blogs are a much better way to get to know people than static profiles. But blogs - done right - are a social tool in and of themselves. The right approach to add value is to tighly integrate social tools with blogs, to make it easy to find blogs of interest and to keep up with your favorites.

- Adam
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Technorati Censors Employee Blog

By now you've heard about a few people who have gotten fired for blogging about their work.   From here on out, I'll refer to the act of blogging at work as "wogging"  (work blogging, get it?).  So a blog solely about where you work is a "wog" (work blog).  Now that I've made up some new phrases, lets move on.

Technorati, popular blog search engine recently forced an employee to remove a post about the subject of blogging in the workplace ironically. That leads us to other stories that have brought this phenomenon to mainstream news.

You've heard of Mark Jen, he's the one who was fired from Google for talking about some of the Google decisions in his blog.  His wogging wasn't a horrible offense, and plenty of people have said worse things about Google.  However, given then high profile of Google, his story got a lot of news.  

Apple is going after bloggers for posting inside information about them, even though media outlets have had silent sources for years and years. 

Another popular wog was that of Ellen Simonetti.  Yup, the Delta Airlines employee who posted some light hearted pictures on her site while wearing her flight attendant uniform.   She also shared stories about some of her least favorite customers, but used no names.  It was a very amusing group of stories, but once Delta got wind of it, she was fired.

The most famous wogger was Heather Armstrong, who writes the popular Dooce.com.  She wrote about clients, the company, and co-workers.   Most of it wasn't nice, but boy was it entertaining.

So is it fair to get fired for something you write in your own personal blog?  Is it worse if you actually write the posts while at work?

Do you blog at work?  Are you a wogger?

It seems like Blogs are causing companies to rethink their code of conduct and ethics, and this is a story gaining ground.   Keep an eye on Ready, Set, BLOG! for developments.

- Drew Olanoff

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If it's good for Harvard...

Harvard Business Review's top 10 breakthrough business ideas came out today.  Blogs came in at a strong #10.


- Drew

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